Audrey Grass

"My husband and I have recently went to Tru North Homes looking for a modular home to buy...found the sales people very knowledgeable and excellent to talk with and the homes we looked at were exceptional quality."

Jennifer Lang

Thank you Tru north homes! I am in absolute ah at all you have done for us and the tremendous efforts your team put in to make sure we got our home sweet home. Like they say you took a lemon (our property) and turned it in to lemonade. Thank you so much for all you effort and hard work.

Gary Armstrong

"Thank You Tru North Homes for the Beautiful Home and Garage, unbelievable Crew, Great Guys... Great Job Thanks..."

Grant Morgan

Good showroom and prices

Blair B.

Wow unbelievable crew!!! 5 full days of 15+ hours per day!! House is planted and shop is built!! Great guys!!!! Good job!

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